Friday, June 11, 2010

Trendy Plus-Size Clothing! Where can YOU shop?

I find that for many of the ladies out there with a curve or two (or in my case three, four and yes, five,) the most difficult thing is not exactly finding clothes that fit – it’s finding clothing in general. For this installment of Friday Fashion Finds I thought that the best place to start is to show you that there are places to find clothing that fits and surprise surprise may even be trendy!!!

Once you find somewhere that sells clothing in your size the fun starts. Now keep in mind this very important point – take a chance! Fashion isn’t just about what is stylish right now, it’s about classic lines, colors and items that FIT you the way you want them to!

I understand that many retailers are only selling items in larger or extended sizes online only (the why is another discussion entirely), but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to blacks and grays or cardigans and baggy shirts. Take a chance and worst case - return it! I’ll link to some strategies for shopping online but in the meantime start looking at these places which carry beautiful clothing in our sizes!!!

One thing to remember is this – in plus-size clothing you don’t always get what you pay for. Many retailers take advantage of using cheaper, thinner material so mind some classic guideline when purchasing clothing. Most well known designers sell extended sizes. If you’ve never ordered plus size clothing online try to stay to clean lines, classic styles and basics. As you get more and more comfortable with the retailer you’ll feel more confident trying other styles, cuts, colors and fits.

Below is a list of plus-size retailers that don’t break the bank along with their links. They are alphabetized below. A higher-end fashion list will be given later this week. If you’ve purchased clothing from the retailers below feel free to share your thoughts. These are a few of my favorites but there are tons out there. I tell people to start at places like T.J. Max, Ross, Marshalls and Gabes when trying something new. Hell – I’ve gotten some nice things from GoodWill too!!!

$ - Least Expensive

$$ - Less Expensive

$$$-Generally Affordable

$$ Alloy –

$$$ Ashley Stewart -

$$ B&Lu -

$ Deb –

$ Dots –

$$ Faith21 by Forever21 -

$$ Gap –

$$$ Lane Bryant -

$$$ Macy’s -

$ Old Navy –

$$ Sealed With a Kiss -

$$ Target -

$$$ Torrid –

$$ WetSeal –

Lane Bryant Gift Card


  1. Hey! Good list. I have never heard of Dots though. I have to check them out.

  2. Hey Lanni,
    Dots is very similar to Deb and has a very similar size ad price range. Their clothing is of about the same quality as Debs. There is also a store called Rainbow that many cities have that also hangs out in that price range. I recommend them for layering tanks, basics, fun tops and sassy jewelry. They are great in a pinch when you are looking for something unique. I haven't had much luck in terms of the clothing lasting but for the price, it's generally pretty good and trendy.

  3. There's also Kiyonna
    But I'm not sure if their clothes are reasonably priced or not as I have never bought anything from them yet.

  4. First off I'd like to say that this is an awesome blog. It is difficult to have style when you are curvy and big. Until I was a senior in high school I thought "skinny" girls were the only ones allowed to have fashion!
    Allot of the stores you've mentioned I've never heard of before. However I have shopped at half of those stores and out of that list I recommend Torrid and Lane Bryant/Women Within. I shop at Torrid for every day, work, and night on the town clothing. And I depend on Lane Bryant/Women Within for their bras. Places like Wet Seal and Alloy you really have to be careful when getting clothes from them. I have found that just because it says it's your size doesn't mean it's a plus size.