Meet Me! The writer of Big... Fat... Secrets!!!

Hey my beautiful ladies. I thought think it's important for you all to know a little about me, so you know where I'm coming from and why this post is so important to me.

I'm not a thin girl by any means and I don't know all the answers but I'm going through much of the same thing that all of you are too. Food, clothing, make-up - it's all different for you when you have a little more meat on your bones.

It's hard enough being who you are when you have to show through what you look like and more importantly what other people see you as. This blog is my escape from the skinny world and a reality check for those around me.

I love to laugh, shop and have a good time despite the anxiety that goes along with being plump. I'm proud of who I am and what I do and I won't let anyone break me down. I'm not perfect but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy everything else in my life.

I hope that Big...Fat... Secrets! will mean as much to you as it does to me as we journey through life as plump beautiful women.