Sunday, November 21, 2010

That "Fat" Skinny B!!! (Part 2)

When looking back on the first post I made I couldn't help but laugh. I got some heat from that post, a lot more than I would have thought from my skinny friends. I took a step back and just recently I got heat from my friends who aren't so skinny.

Truth is, who is 100% happy with the bumps, lumps and curves they have. I know I love one part of my body and hate the rest of it one day and then the next I'm trying to see if I can get Spanx to make me look like J Lo. Here's the thing with the skinny little girls in your life who complain about their bodies, their lumps and their jiggles - they got them to, just in a different package.

I like to tell people the one thing that fat girls have that skinny girls do is the knowledge that they are fat. Haha. Sounds stupid right? We'll, think about it. What's the worst thing someone can say (NOT CALL) a woman? Usually that is fat. When you have the knowledge and power to say "Yeah, I know," what's really left to talk about. Nothing.

Now there is something new that has been burning the wire lately, and it's the whole idea that our friends make us fat. ... ... ... WHAT THE HELL? Now, I'm assuming they mean that your FAT friends make you FAT. So, I've read some things online, I've watched some blogs and recently ordered Chalene Extreme to try to tighten my own jiggle, and they all say the same things -Your friends are making you fat.

Now, I have been known to eat nothing but chips and dip and slimjims every now and then for dinner, but I don't encourage others to do the same. Do my girls and I go to dinner? Yes. BUT, this idea is doing nothing more than reflecting blame for weight gain on someone other than YOURSELF. You're the one placing food it your mouth, not me.

What's even more interesting is that these articles are not directed at the women of substance helping or warning them no, they are directed at the thin woman.

1. I don't care if you eat a scoop of ice cream or a damn gallon of it, you are still eating crap. No matter how big WE are doesn't impact how big you are UNLESS, you are trying to become a BBW, then we can talk.

2. Where is the accountability here? BBW are expected to be held accountable for their food choices but thin women can blame it on friends? How the hell is that fair?

Whatever the case, fat is not contagious and stop blaming your friends for your own poor food choices.


  1. As a husband of a little fat girl,(note: I am not considered fat) I am considerate of my wifes feeling and would never blame her if I started to gain some. PLUS WE ARE PROOF THAT YOUR FREINDS,LOVERS OR MATES are not to blame.
    Here Here to your comments.